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Project Pampa

Peinecillo Rug Monte Collection

Peinecillo Rug Monte Collection

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Handcrafted artisanal wool rug.
Sustainably sourced. Used as a rug or hanging piece.

Materials and Techniques

100% Natural Sheep Wool
Handmade Woven.
Warp-Faced, Flat-Woven Weave

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3' x 5' / 5' x 7' / 6' x 8' / 8' x 10'

Our handmade products may have slight variations in dimensions due to their artisanal nature.


Designed and produced by Elementos Argentinos in Argentina

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Elementos Argentinos

Elementos Argentinos was born in December of 2005 with Fernando and Pablo who took on a journey that would be the bridge between the ancestors of the textile artisans of Argentina and a market that needed something made by hand and designed with local tradition, techniques, and high standards.

Fernando is from Tucumán, north of Argentina, and on those long summers and cold winters in the Andes, the native textile culture was always a thing for him. In conjunction with Pablo, the designer, they propositioned this project that has given work to over 360 families and 22 provinces in the north of Argentina.