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Project Pampa

Gravita Ceramic Melted Vase

Gravita Ceramic Melted Vase

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What are the limits determined by the material? In the search for that answer, the obstacles imposed by the properties of the material, the inescapable law of gravity, the strength of one’s hands, and the disposition of the day. All of these forces go into the creation of a piece.

The intersections of the ethereal and the factual are configured with the intention of generating a volume, a void, and a vanishing, from which the objects that the designer calls "Gravita" are born as a way of naming the event.

Materials and Techniques

Ceramic Stoneware. White paste or colored pastes with metallic oxides. Hand Made

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Height: 7.8 in
Width: 6.6 in
Depth: 6.6 in

Our handmade products may have slight variations in dimensions due to their artisanal nature.


Designed and Produced by Santiago Lena in Argentina

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Santiago Lena

Lena (1979, Puerto Madryn) is an Argentine ceramist and artist who combines crafts, art, and design in his work to produce unique pieces with material as the protagonist. His work explores the organic and natural transformations of ceramics, particularly stoneware, as well as its links with ancestral traditions.

His work has been exhibited at design fairs such as Design Miami, museums like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Fundación PROA, and the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires. The Emilio Caraffa museum in Córdoba and art galleries El Gran Vidrio (Córdoba), Tokonoma (CABA), Siesta (Barcelona) and Abre (Córdoba), among others.