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Project Pampa

Fuso Hand Blown Short Glass

Fuso Hand Blown Short Glass

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Crystal, as glass, has a very interesting characteristic in which its composition and behavior can be cataloged as both solid and liquid. It is called the "vitreous state".

We often relate glass recipients to pure geometries, which fall in the category of what in math is called "solids of revolution". We believe these morphologies generally lack self-identity as they tend to make the contained liquid look very rigid.

This collection of hand-blown glassware seeks to picture an intermediate moment between two physical states of matter in order to give the contained liquid new and unexpected forms.

As they are compressed by gravity after being blown into their molds, every piece is different and unique.

Materials and Techniques

Blown glass

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Height: 2.9 in
Width: 3.7 in
Depth: 3.7 in


Designed and produced by Ries in Argentina

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Ries is a Buenos Aires based studio devoted to designing and producing furniture, objects, and spaces.

The studio’s approach to design is influenced by the mixed background in architecture and industrial design of its members, who through a shared vision, achieve to combine different materials with production processes rooted in craft and industry to create pieces that seek to elevate the experience of everyday life.

Drifting between aesthetic simplicity and resolutive complexity, their work covers diverse fields that range from the design of small objects to interior design projects, as well as from the creation of unique pieces to serial production.