Our Story

Agustin Arellano, a Cuban-American professional polo player, and Gonzalo Llosa an Argentine-American Architect met not long ago in Palm Beach being opponents in a polo tournament.
Their passion for design and connection to their roots shaped this project as a way to embrace Latin American design and designers and take it to the next level.

Aro Chairs by Ries

The Project

Project Pampa is dedicated to bringing Latin American culture and heritage to the U.S. market, through a contemporary design approach.
The Project offers a journey into the inspiring stories of select designers, their culture, and context. This curation of objects celebrates the origins behind every piece and their rooted connection to the hands that made them.

The Designers

Our designers share a passion, love, and deep sensitivity to the objects that they produce, with a big attachment to their roots, and a focus on a contemporary intake.
Each of them has their skills immersed in different techniques and materials, producing what they are most passionate about.

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